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Why Lendeez



Handling loans from family and friends can be a nuisance if you think about all the terms, transactions, and conversations you have to go through. You can save yourself from all of that with Lendeez...



Lendeez was developed to make things easier and beneficial for both borrowers and lenders. As a borrower you are at ease and as a lender you are more secured. Lendeez does all the work for you!

For Lenders

You can formalize the agreement, transact through your preferred mode of payment, and we’ll spare you the nagging by notifying the borrower.

You can keep track of everything all through the app, saving you a lot of hassle.

Payback Made Simple and Secure

Reminders are sent so it’s easy to keep track of payment schedules and progress of the loan

Send Request to Whomever You Like

All loan requests are sent on Facebook Messenger. No more awkward conversations!

Take Control of Your Loan

Define how much you need, the installment terms, the interest rates and preferred mode of payment

Friends Decide How Much To Give

Friends and family can contribute as much or as little as they can. It’s convenient for both parties!


For Borrowers

You define your own payment terms, send message to potential lenders, and get the loans through your preferred mode of payment.

You don’t need to remember who to pay back, when to transact, and how much to return - we take care of reminding you.